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Top Things Must Know About Electric Dog Fence

Bringing some pets inside the house can be a tough task, but to restrict them in your yard is tougher. You can’t just erect a certain fence and tell your dog that he must stay inside. It is the nature of dogs to run freely and explore the outside environment, which leaves you dealing with unhappy associations and annoyed neighbors. To confine your dog inside the yard can be an issue, especially when you have firm neighborhood laws that limit you to erect a fence. However, an electric dog fence may help solve such stressful situations.

What is an Electric Dog Fence?

The electric dog fence is assembled in three distinct components. These components include underground wiring, transmitter and receiver. You may seek help from a professional when installing the device or perhaps if you can do it alone, you may do it by yourself. All to have to do is plug-in the transmitter to an electric regular socket in a dry area. Nowadays, transmitters that work with the use of solar energy can also be applied. The wire you will use is an average insulated wire which must be fixed around the vicinity of the yard. The wire must be buried preferably at one to three inches beneath the ground. Even though open wires may not cause any harm, chances are still available when people trip over it or a grass cutter cuts it. Since it is a buried wire, the system of electric dog fence can also be called an invisible or underground fence system. Since there is no visibility of clutter wires around the fence, the appeal of the fence is not even a disadvantage, which leaves the association nothing to complain about. The last but not least component is the receiver. This is attached in the dog collar so it is important if you check it every now and then.

How Does The System Work?

The transmitter of this electric dog fence releases radio signal in sine wave form. The signal is then carried to the wire underground. Such signal is typically low powered, so the efficiency of this system is for shorter range. If the dog approaches the fence, the receiver which is attached to his collar begins to beep, which gives the dog warning of retreat.  The system utilizes 3 correction mechanisms – correction; correction and warning; and warning only. The beeping sound gives the warning of retreat to the dog and if in case the dog still attempts to cross over the fence, a minor static shock is then generated. There are other systems with cintronella sprays as well, which is a strong chemical substance that is offensive to dogs. None of these mechanisms are harmful to the dog.

Cons of Electric Dog Fence

To conduct training can be a distinct way to allow such electric fence to perfectly function for the dog. You may have to make it really clear to the pet that he must always retreat when beeping occurs and that overpassing your fence is unnecessary. At first, the dog may still pass over the electric dog fence even if warning is generated, but its correction mechanisms can prevent the dog from doing the thing in the future. Furthermore, this system may not effectively work for other sturdy and strong dogs that really are determined to get out. The biggest weakness of the system is the one-way functioning. Even though you are capable of containing your dog safely within the yard confinements, you may not allow other intruders from backing off the yard. In this case, such intruders will have to enter your yard. This instance will probably be an issue to you, especially if your dog is a female or perhaps the dogs from the neighborhood have the potential to call for fights with your pet.

An electric dog fence can keep your dog safely within your yard boundary. It may generate huge success, most probably if the whole neighborhood decides on making use of such device. This instance will mean no other strangers entering in your yard, no pets that are running everywhere and happy associations of your neighborhood.

Other Essential Things Required

Sometimes, active dogs can become a real headache to the owners since their antics may cause damage to the garden of their neighbor and other belongings. They can even cause some accidents or perhaps meet accidents when they do not pay attention whenever passing the street.

There are numerous ways in order to keep the dog at bay, but the higher method is the utilization of electric dog fence. As mentioned earlier, it uses signals from the radio in order to perceive if the dog has passed the boundary you have placed. Apart from the proven technology, such system also creates other advantages such as the following.

  • It is quick to install – As said earlier about its components, it has a transmitter, receiver and underground dog fence wiring. When you already know the necessary information about these components, you can install it as fast as you can. Set the system up in a perfect spot and allowing it to function only takes a few minutes or even less than fifteen minutes. The whole adjustment of its boundary size utilizing the receiver may only use about 2 hours or even less, use good quality dog fencing wire for the best long term results.
  • The size of the boundary functions is the entire area – The transmitter of the system has modest controls that allow you to get the most playing space for the pet. At its bottom setting, you can have a round play space of approximately ten feet wide. This functions in houses with constricted yards. However, if you have the transmitter that functions in maximum setting, it may create a round playground as wide as 180ft. This is extremely perfect for wider properties.
  • Extremely harmless for dogs – When your dog goes out of the playing area, which is marked by boundary flags, its receiver will play the beeping sound in order to warn him. If he fails to go back within his play area, the receiver will generate a slight static correction, which will let them go back to the proper place. However, you may also adjust the static correction in order to make sure that the dog won’t feel excessive discomfort because of the correction setting.