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Summer Pet Safety Tips: Keeping Dogs, Cats and Other Pets Safe in Hot Weather

Every pet owner love spending time with their furry companion on long sunny days of summer. But being over-eager in such hot weather conditions can spell danger for them. Experts have stated on numerous occasions that summer weather can be extremely hazardous for our pets. It gets difficult for the dogs to keep calm when the sun is thrashing down. One big reason is that animals don’t sweat like us humans do.

Of course, we know that dogs can cool themselves through panting but not most of us know that dogs moisture through their feet also. When there is only hot air for the dog to respire, it gets difficult for the dog to keep cool.

Here’s some good news – in order to avoid the problem and to enjoy the summer with your pet, this post offers some useful tips to keep your pets safe during summer. Continue reading the post to know how you can make the most of this opportunity.

Never Leave Him In Your Parked Car

You cannot afford this, not even for a minute. You cannot even do this in a running car with the air conditioner on. On a typical warm day, the temperature inside a car rises quickly and it can severely affect your pet.

For example, on 48-degrees days, the temperature inside the car with the windows opened can reach up to around 58 degrees within 10 minutes. And in the next 10 minutes, it will also raise more. All these may lead to organ failure for your pet.

Offer Adequate Amount of Water and Shade

Dehydration in dogs is one of the biggest possibilities during the summer. Dogs tend to get thirstier even more from us, especially when they get hot. Some common signs of dehydration include dry gums as well as excessive drooling.

It is important to make sure that your pet has access to fresh sources of water and you are carrying a bottle of water while going outside. You can also consider taking wet dog food during the hotter months in order to maintain and to increase the fluid intake proportion in your dog.

Don’t Shave

Most of us believe that shaving your pet in the summer is one of the best ways to beat overheating. But in reality it is not true at all and it is just a misconception. The coat of the pet is designed to keep it cool during the summer and warm in the winter. Of course, you can trim the fur of your pet but don’t shave them.

Even if you shave, it is crucial to leave at least one full inch of hair in order to protect the skin of the pet from getting sunburns. Also, ensure that you are grooming your pet every season, irrespective of the season.

Limit Your Exercise During Summer

You need to take care of the exercising part for your pet. It is crucial to adjust the intensity in consideration of the temperature. On extensive hot days, you must curtail or limit the time you allot for exercising your pet both in morning and in the events.

You need to be more careful with pets with white-coloured eyes as they are more prone to skin cancer and pets with short noses as they face severity in breathing properly. Running on asphalt gets extremely hot and can potentially burn the paws of your pet. So, make sure that your pet is walking on the grass.

You can also install invisible dog fence in order to restrict the movement of your pet and protect you from getting into the trap of strangers. This will also restrict the extensive movement of the pet that in return will ensure that the pet is not dehydrated. Get in touch with a reliable dog fence manufacturer in order to get best product quality and long lasting results.

Look for the Signs of Heatstroke

Excessive rise in the temperature can lead to heatstroke. Some of the potential signs of heatstroke are glazed eyes, heavy panting, rapid heartbeat, too much of thirst, profuse salivation, difficulty in breathing. Be careful with the signs and get in touch with the experts to ensure that your pet is safe from heatstroke. Some breeds are more prone to heat strokes and you need to be very careful with them.

Please share your insights on how you can take care of your pets during summer below in the comment section.

Photo by Diyana Qua on Unsplash